About Us

The Hub Co-op

In addition to this website, The HUB Co-op publishes a print magazine. Twice each year, 11,000 copies are mailed directly to Fountain Hills’ residents. Another 2,000 complimentary copies are made available in The HUB members’ establishments.

An online version of the magazine is also available on this website.

Fountain Hills Live is made possible by members of The HUB Co-op, a committee of the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association (FHCCA). The Co-op combines opportunities for local nonprofits and entertainment-oriented businesses to share in a marketing effort which benefits them as well as the residents of Fountain Hills.

Our goal is to provide area residents with a comprehensive community calendar and information on all the fun and enriching activities, events, exhibits and displays which make Fountain Hills such an amazing place to work and play. We also aim to provide value for our amazing co-op members whose contributions make this resource possible.

Our Team

Oversight for The HUB Co-op is provided by the FHCCA, a nonprofit organization founded in 1978 whose purpose is to develop, promote and operate programs and activities that will preserve and enhance the cultural, civic, educational and social qualities of Fountain Hills.

Current FHCCA Officers

Dori Wittrig, President

Jessamyn Clark, Vice President

Anita Glenister, Secretary

Mark Dalton, Treasurer

Vicky Derksen, Administrator

Jenny Willigrod, Past President

Other Board Members

Rita Applegate

Jerry Butler

Jerry Caldwell

Carol Coates

Clayton Corey

Debbie Fisher

Allen Fossenkemper

Phil Gaziano

Jean Linzer

Bill Pape

Roger Riggert

The marketing aspect of this program is handled by community advertising professionals. For more information on how to become a member of The HUB Co-op and take advantage of its benefits, please visit our Become A Member page.

Debbie Clason, Editor

Debbie ClasonDebbie Clason is happiest when she’s able to share a good story, which is one of the reasons she loves living and working in Fountain Hills where opportunities for fun and adventure exist almost every day of the week.

As editor of Fountain Hills Live, she utilizes a lifetime of work experience in the marketing and public relations field, having worked as a journalist, corporate marketing director and public relations professional for the past 40 years.

Debbie owns Clason Communication, is the mother of three grown children and lives in Fountain Hills with her rescue dog, George.

Contact her at marketing@fountainhillslive.com.